About ISLearning

Uniting students globally to learn, support, and grow together through education and technology.

Our History
The ISLearning project got its start at the Churchill School and Center back in 2012, when the program partnered each Churchill 8th grader with a student at the Lokhipur Mission High School in Sylhet, Bangladesh. The students sent letters back and forth, sharing stories about their favorite subjects, hobbies, and their lives.

The Lokhipur School is composed of underserved, yet highly motivated students. Our students continued to share letters frequently during the school year as they built new international relationships with their friends at Lokhipur; they even got the opportunity to meet and directly speak with their international pen pals via video chat.

Our Accomplishments
Since 2013, as a way to give back and support their friends at the Lokhipur School, the Churchill students and ISLearning team have organized school-wide clothing drives, bake sales, and other fundraisers, which has raised nearly $1,000 each year. All the donations and funds were sent directly to the Lokhipur School, which was used to buy books, computers, food, and make repairs to the school building.

Our Vision
In December 2016, ISLearning was incorporated in New York State and recognized as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Since then, we have added new team members and are excited to expand our network of schools internationally.

Our goals this year are to connect 2 more schools, provide greater support for our sister schools, hold our first fundraising event as an incorporated non-profit, and have a larger presence on social media to connect and share our mission with others.

Thanks to all the love, generosity, and kindness from supporters like you, we will continue to grow and connect students world wide. Thank you!

Meet our team!

ISLearning is composed of a strong team of benevolent volunteers who work together to keep our non-profit program running and growing. Honing in on each of their strengths and talents, the team members collaborate to help connect students globally and fulfill the mission of ISLearning.

Clement V. Gomes, PhD
Founder & Director
Clement is the Department Coordinator of MS Science and has been teaching at the Churchill School & Center since 2003. He received his Ph.D. in 2014 from Columbia University and is an Adjunct Professor at Manhattanville College, CUNY Guttman, and Teachers College. He was born in Bangladesh and immigrated to NYC at the age of two. His life experiences and passion to develop global citizenship amongst youth has led him to found ISLearning in 2012.
Jeannine Armbruster
Design & Technology
Jeannine is a designer, teacher, and the founder of Fourth Story Studio, a design firm that builds human-friendly brands and digital experiences. She also teaches art and design at the Austin School for the Performing and Visual Arts. She joined ISLearning in 2016 to spearhead our design and technology efforts, including the development of the website, logo, and digital solutions.
Stephen Swartz
Stephen is the Director of Marketing at Just Salad, a NYC-based chain of salad restaurants. He graduated with a BA from Boston University in 2004 and has over ten years of experience as director of marketing. He joined ISLearning in 2016 to lead the team’s marketing and fundraising efforts.
Doug Akay, DPT
Finance & Grants
Doug is physical therapist at Mount Sinai Health System and NYU Langone Health. He graduated with a Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Touro College in 2017. He joined ISLearning in 2017 to manage the organization's finances as well as write and handle grants.
Melih Bagdatli
Design & Social Media
Melih is a User Experience Designer at ESI Design who ideates and designs experiences while having people in his mind. He founded and managed Europe's first visually impaired sailing regatta in Turkey. He joined ISLearning at the beginning of 2018 to reach out to more people to build a community with his creative skills.
Lev Rosenbush
Lev recently graduated from the Churchill School & Center and continues to stay involved with ISLearning since 2013. Lev provides support to the ISLearning team with planning social media and updating the website.
Charlie Heus
Charlie recently graduated from the Churchill School & Center and continues to stay involved with ISLearning since 2013. Charlie provides support to the ISLearning team with planning social media and updating the website.
Volunteer Rockstar
We are always excited to talk with folks who are interested in joining the ISLearning family! If you believe in our mission and would like to intern or volunteer with ISLearning, please send us an email at info@islearninginc.org, and include any special talents or skills that you feel would be an asset to the organization.

Meet our board!

Ross Michael Cellino III
Board Member
Ross Michaels is currently a Senior Manager at Ernst & Young. He graduated with a BS from Boston University. Ross Micheal is also currently pursuing his law degree at Booklyn College. He has been supporting ISLearning since its start through fundrasing, spreading our mission, and helping the program with his generous donations.
Chad Woodard, DPT/PhD
Board Member
Dr. Chad Woodard is a physiotherapist and Principal Director and owner at Symbio Physio Therapy and Wellness. In addition to also being a faculty member at the Touro College DPT program and a cofounder of a professional continuing education company entitled RevMethod, Chad is also an avid ultra endurance athlete.