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In March, Dr. Gomes went to visit the students at the Lokiphur in Bangledash and Canopy Nepal. During his visit, he was able to spend quality time, connecting with both schools and learning about how they function.
Bangladesh Visit March 2018
Churchill's annual ISLearning bake sale to support their friends at the Lokhipur School!
2017 Winter ISLearning Bake Sale & Fundraiser
Churchill's annual ISLearning bake sale to support their friends at the Lokhipur School!
2017 Winter ISLearning Bake Sale & Fundraiser
This year we received the first set of these beautiful hand written letters from the students at the Lokhipur School! The Churchill students are so excited to send their responses!
Lokhipur to Churchill Letters- October 2017
This year we had to opportunity to video chat with the Lokhipur students twice!
ISLearning Spring 2017 Video Chat

Our students have so much to share!

Since 2013 the 8th grade students at The Churchill School and Center in New York City have been sharing letters, emails, pictures, and videos with students at the Lokhipur Mission High School in Sylhet, Bangladesh.

They have learned about the culture, environment, religion, and struggles of these Bangladeshi students and taught them about their unique NYC lives in the United States. After developing a relationship over the school year, every June the students meet and speak to their friends on the other side of the world via video chat.

The Churchill students, faculty, and families additionally hold fundraisers for our friends at the Lokhipur School. We've organized clothing collections, annual bake sales and coin drives/donations to send to our friends. 100% of the funds raised are used to purchase books, school supplies, computers, and other necessary learning tools to further the ISLearning mission!

Meet the faculty

The Churchill and Lokhipur faculty are the key reasons the ISLearning program continues to grow. With the support of these teachers, the students are able to connect through letters and technology. The teachers guide, educate, and support the students to help them develop and better understand the uniqueness of people throughout the world. These education and fundraising efforts help shrink the global gap.

Churchill 8th Grade Faculty
Left to Right: Dan Hyatt, Conrad Auchincloss, Annita Bruna, Gina Manes, Claudia McQuistion, Caitlin Logan, Allison Draper, Zach Leong, Aileen Zim & Elyssa Alters
Lokhipur Mission High School
Fr. Sudhir Gomes 2014
Lokhipur Mission High School
Fr. Ripon Rozario 2015
Lokhipur Mission High School
Fr. Sagor Louis 2016

Meet our student representatives

The ISLearning Churchill Chapter wouldn't be possible without the support of our High School Reps. These students were part of ISLearning in 8th grade and decided to offer their time and energy to keep the program strong after entering high school. Thank you Team!!!

Churchill Student Representatives
Back Row: Benji Field, Ben Miles, Lucas Kumar & Sven Ganade
Front Row: Inaya Khan, Vivianne Brouillard & Ben Steinberg

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