June 17, 2013

What we're About

A slide show to introduce ISL and share some letters and photos from the program.


Visiting Lokhipur

We take a visit to Lokhipur Mission High School in Sylhet, Bangladesh


Messages to the Kids

The Churchill 8th Grade students respond to the letters from their friends at the Lokhipur Mission School in Bangladesh with these short video messages. After a year of communication, they will soon be meeting their overseas friends for the first time via video chat.


A Song

The Lokhipur Students sing a song


Churchill Class 225

Class 225 sends their package to the students at Ashadeep in Mumbai India.

Clement V. Gomes

Clement is the Department Coordinator of MS Science and teacher at the Churchill School & Center since 2003. He received his Ph.D. in 2014 from Columbia University and is an Adjunct Professor at Teachers College and Manhattanviille College. 

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