International Student Learning
Growing Together Globally
We are a volunteer-run POC lead 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that connects and supports students across the world through letters, video chats, education, and fundraising. Come along for the experience!

ISLearning was created to connect children globally to learn, support, and grow together.

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Our family is currently located in 4 countries:

The mission of International Student Learning

Every dollar raised goes towards supporting our organization's mission and to provide food, clothing, books, technology and other resources for our ISLearning students, especially those in need.

ISLearning develops global citizenship amongst youth by empowering students & teachers through education domestically and internationally. We mobilize a team of youths to conduct academic programs in schools around the world, conducting interactive workshops in person and remotely to help our students become proactive leaders. We are closing the global gap by connecting students in different countries through cultural exchange programing. 

Sponsoring fundraising efforts and partnering with other nonprofits for grant allocation, this volunteer-run POC lead international 501(c)(3) nonprofit proudly directs every dollar raised towards our organization’s mission to teach, connect, and support all of our students, especially those in need. 

Our Reach

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Our blog is where we post our student letters, photos, videos, and reflections. Follow along to stay up-to-date on what we've been up to!