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Since 2018, ISLearning and Canopy Nepal have been collaborating to connect the students of Nepal and USA. Students develop and enhance their cross cultural and global knowledge.

Taking this relation one step further, the two organizations are creating a bigger platform for students to connect, grow and learn. Beyond Borders is a program that aims to empower learners to become independent, well-informed and proactive individuals. By giving emphasis on enhancing their empathetic understanding and indulging them into social issues, the program intends to groom them as change-makers. Beyond Borders is a common platform for learners around the world for exploring and improving their potential through open communication, idea sharing and exchange of cultural norms and values in an amicable environment.

Our main focus areas are global awareness through letter exchange, awareness on social issues, leadership development, co- and extracurricular sessions and workshops, safe space for self-expression and exploration and so on.

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Canopy Nepal Team

The ISLearning expansion in Nepal grew from the letter exchange program between Rawson Saunders and Canopy Nepal. After two successful years of cultural exchange, 2020 was a new start for our collaboration. Beyond Borders is a program of ISLearning in collaboration with Canopy Nepal that focuses on making youths of Nepal aware, proactive and global citizens. With letter exchanges, Socratic Seminars, awareness sessions and fundraisers, we have worked with 116 youths and 8 schools in Nepal.

The Rawson Saunders and Canopy Nepal faculty are the key reasons the ISLearning program continues to grow. With the continuous support of the teachers from Rawson Saunders and team members from Canopy Nepal, we have connected over 122 students in 2 years. The friendship between learners from Nepal and the USA keeps getting bigger and stronger each year!

Canopy Nepal Team
Canopy Nepal Learners 2018
Rawson Saunders Students
Canopy Nepal Learners 2019

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