P.S. 503 + St. Paul Chapter

Our students have so much to share!

Since 2018 the students at P.S. 503 in NYC have been sharing letters, emails, pictures, and videos with students at St. Paul American School in Hanoi, Vietnam.

They have learned about the culture, environment, religion, and struggles of these Vietnamese students and taught them about their unique lives in the United States. After developing a relationship over the school year, every June the students will meet and speak to their friends on the other side of the world via video chat.

The P.S. 503 students, faculty, and families additionally hold fundraisers for our friends at St. Paul. We've organized clothing collections, annual bake sales and coin drives/donations to send to our friends. 100% of the funds raised are used to purchase books, school supplies, computers, and other necessary learning tools to further the ISLearning mission!

P.S. 503 + St. Paul Chapter Blog

Stay tuned for our blog posts documenting our first activities at the P.S. 503 + St. Paul chapter!

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