Clement V. Gomes

Clement developed International Student Learning program in the Winter of 2012 after he visited his birth country of Bangladesh. There he connected with faculty and students at the Lokhipur Mission High School in Sylhet, Bangladesh to initiate the relationship with students and faculty at The Churchill School and Center. Over the several years the schools continue to support each other through education, gifts, and fundraising and have stayed in contact via email and communicating over video chat.

Clement has been teaching at the Churchill School and Center since 2003 and in his role as the Department Coordinator of MS Science. He received his Master’s in 2005 and Ph.D. in 2014 from Columbia University and has been an Adjunct Professor for both Teachers College and Manhattanviille College. Please feel free to contact Clement if you have any questions about the ISL program, would like to get your school involved, or provide any support.